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Why invest in property, why invest now?

Firstly, we would like to point out that savers are losing in these times because interest rates are at an all-time low. Banks like HSBC pay you 0.01% AER for use of your money. It is a joke! Why would anyone keep money in banks, wouldn’t you agree?

Everyone needs a roof over their heads. According to British national statistics, the UK’s population is forecast to reach 74 million people in the next 20 years, a clear sign of the vast housing demand/building within the market. The same statistics say that every single year, the annual target for property builds were not met.

The wealthiest people in the world invest in property and think of it as the most profitable and safest investment vehicle. This group of people obtain property portfolios in the hundreds, sometimes even in the thousands!

There are strategies that the most experienced property investors use to grow their portfolio. With our experience, we have learned which of these strategies could give you an almost infinite return on your investment. These strategies will allow you to pull almost all of your money back out from the investment whilst simultaneously growing your portfolio, at the same time as enjoying a monthly cash flow.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that there have been major economic hits to businesses such as aviation, high-street retail and hospitality as a result of the coronavirus pandemic as well as uncertainties caused as a result of Brexit. Meanwhile, the property industry has still been growing exponentially both in the rental and sales market. Some of this growth has been seen due to the stamp duty holidays for first-time buyers, but nevertheless, property continues to thrive.

Who knows what is to come round the corner and what effect on different industries the next global event may have? All we know is that to plan ahead and look to the future, we have always relied on learning from history to guide us. Since property prices keep growing at an average of 7% in capital growth per annum, our confidence in the property industry remains stronger than ever before.

Property Investment

Why take on a joint venture with Aksum Lets?

  • We have market-leading knowledge and experience as a result of years of education from the nations top-level tutors and programmes.
  • Aksum Lets have access to a wide range of resources that allow us to secure the highest level returns on our investments.
  • Through working with property experts like ourselves, your property portfolio can exponentially grow whilst your workload is shared.

We love to take part in Joint Venture opportunities here at Aksum Lets as it allows a flow of innovative ideas between both parties.

Furthermore, risks are shared so it takes the weight off your shoulders. We can work together to find the investments that will help you achieve you reach your property goals.

At the end of the day, two heads are better than one!



Joint Ventures

At Aksum Lets, we offer a variety of joint venture opportunities such as ‘1 for you, 1 for us’, opening a joint company or a loan on an agreed rate of interest from you to us.

These would be joint property investments whereby you, (the investor), would leverage the investment with your funds, meanwhile, you utilise our expertise and access to resources to help manage the investment to ensure you receive the best outcome.

Through our joint ventures, we offer comprehensive management packages to help every step of the way during your investment.

Joint ventures are perfect for some people with spare cash that are ready to invest. You must have a considerable amount of funds if you are willing to invest in property though.

However, you are in luck! You must have some money laying around because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Real Estate Joint Ventures

Joint Venture Opportunities

This is the perfect opportunity for a short to long-term investor. What we would do is offer a comprehensive managed investment into a property of your choice.

We would source your property, organise, and manage the refurb and the refinance of the property to ensure you receive a high-level return on your investment.

Using the funds from the re-finance, we would invest into a property of our own. When this property has been refinanced and we have received your investment out of our property, we are able to return to you your funds.

This means you walk away with a property plus your original investment through fully utilising our expertise and resources.

We will have a property as well hence the name ‘1 for you, 1 for us‘.

This would work by incorporating a company together and split the share into 50/50. We would use your funds to invest into a property that we have professionally sourced.

We will then again manage the process of purchasing the property, refurbishing the property to increase the value to be able to refinance all of the money back out of the property.

Once this investment amount has been returned to yourself, we will then use the company split of 50/50 to share the proceeds to be earned from the property itself.

As a result, you retain your original investment that you can either use to invest into more property or put that money to use elsewhere.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. We would receive a loan from yourself on an agreed rate of interest. The interest is generally a higher rate than most savings accounts. The interest would be paid in advance on a monthly basis.

We would leverage the funds to invest into a property that we would purchase, refurbish and refinance within a year.

Once refinanced, we can return the loan in full and you walk away with your money plus your interest on top. This one would be perfect for those who wish to keep their money invested, uncomplicated place.

Property Investment Deal Packaging

Deal Packaging is the process whereby a property professional will source a property investment deal for a potential investor. We, as deal packagers for property investors, will deal with agents, vendors, solicitors and other service providers throughout the process to source property investment deals with the highest rates of return by using our own due diligence and expertise on the areas of investment.

Deal Packaging is a great way to start investing if you’re sure you want to invest into property, but don’t have the time or expertise to look for them yourself. Our investments team have developed a network of agents, industry professionals and other referees for properties which means we are in receipt of a healthy supply of property investment opportunities and, the sales process is completed stress-free and rapidly.

The first step to this process is that you would submit an enquiry form to register your interest and give us a little information about your situation and when you’re looking to invest. This can be done by filling out the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

After gathering some basic information, we will then present you with a number of investment options that are currently held with different properties. These options will be professional investment proposals with comprehensive due diligence and realistic investment outcomes noted.

You will then look through the proposals and let us know which one you would like to proceed with and we will place a bid on the property to the vendor. Upon acceptance of the offer, we will collect our sourcing fee if we are not managing the purchase process for you. If we are managing the purchase process for you, we will collect the management of purchase fee once an exchange of contracts has taken place.

The standard fee for sourcing an investment deal is £2,500 per property. We can help you with managing the sales process to make it hands-off and stress-free for yourself, but this will be at an additional charge of £500, bringing the total cost £3,000 but that gets you a stress-free purchase process of a house.

After purchase of the house, you can then choose whether or not to appoint our assistance and expertise for the refurbishment, refinance and/or letting of their investment property down the line or they can manage the rest of the process themselves.

FAQs for Investors

Typically, property joint investments involve one partner contributing the funds/finance and the other partner contributing their sweat equity/time and skills. You (the investor) would be providing the funds in this case and our company would take the weight off your shoulders to deliver a rewarding investment with all the behind-the-scenes work.

Property has always been a longer-term investment for people looking for a secure place to put their money. Although this is the case, our investment turnarounds usually take between 1-2 years for the client to get their money back out dependent on the strategy taken.

At Aksum Lets, we are lucky enough to have a fully motivated and experienced team who work around the clock to put forward investments with the highest expected returns. Typical returns that we aim for are 10-12% including a net yield of 5% plus a capital growth between 5%-7%.

We will have break clauses in our contracts with a clear exit strategy if you get to a point whereby you wish to stop your investment. There will be no complications for yourself and we will always act fairly in rare situations like these.

As a company, we understand how important it is to work closely alongside your investors and/or stakeholders and shareholders. We pride ourselves in always putting this group of people first and delivering our service as promised.

We use the latest technology and software to enable us to operate at the top of our game. In addition, our highly trained staff have gained considerable experience and market knowledge by learning from the nation’s market leading programmes and teachers. We use this to our advantage to help source investments with the highest returns.

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