Our Story

Our business journey began as a team of three motivated and eager individuals who now own a well-established construction company Aksum LTD and whilst being successful in business for over 10 years we have decided to invest into a new business of similar nature, which is properties, and have hired for that experienced and motivated people.

We are very perspective company with highly motivated, professional and reliable team that aims to make landlords life easier. We specialise in quality house shares, providing tenants and landlords high standard service.

Our Values & Commitment

Our business is founded on our values of integrity, quality and value for money. We demonstrate this through our commitment to training and development of our awesome staff, to helping landlords create and maintain the best homes they can, by carefully selecting the best tenants and finally, by choosing only to work with landlords and tenants who share the same values as us!

We use the latest technology in property management to ensure that we’re operating at the top of our game. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team are able to offer an unprecedented amount of industry experience and market understanding on everything from investment locations to legislation and rental valuations – that’s right, we’ve even got the boring stuff covered for you!

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